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It's easy to add stuff to "". Just,  sign in with Twitter  now.

What Can I post?

You can post anything you want, as long as it's legal!

You can post whenever you feel the urge, with no obligation to make regular posts. So it's not like a blog which get's dated if you don't keep it up.

You can use as many characters as you want, so it's the perfect place when you want to say something that just won't fit in 180 characters or less. You can then  post it to Twitter with a single click, so all your followers and other twitter users can find it. All your posts are associated with your profile so people can easily find your other posts.

You can write about recent events you attended, rant about the news, review your favourite (or least favourite) products or services, write a report on the game, or tell the world about your favourite past times.