Is the Best Way to Chill Out.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Billing itself as 'a digital relaxation experience',, offers 2 minutes of relaxation, complete with a calming image and meditative instructions.

Designed to provide a break from the stress of our busy daily lives, the web site uses well established techniques used by medical professionals to promote, well, calmness.

You can configure it for a longer period of time, and select from an array of visual relaxing scenes and ambient sound tracks. It might sound a bit hippy, hell, it probably it, but it works.

It's the latest venture from Alex Tew, the Million Dollar Homepage guy, who famously made a million dollars by offering advertising on a home page which consisted of a million pixels, each on offer a dollar each. He raised a million dollars and funded his University education. After that he tried a number of other unsuccessful ventures, but with I think he could be onto something.