You've Been Trumped!

Monday, 22 October 2012

You've Been Trumped investigates the social, economic and environmental impact of American tycoon Donald Trump's attempts to harass and compulsory purchase historic properties on the west coast of Scotland, to build a golf course on a unique environmental habitat.

Planning for the venture was refused by the local Aberdeenshire council because the coast was an officially designated site of special scientific interest. However the SNP Scottish government led by Alex Salmond, overruled the planning decision in 2008, in an unprecedented act. As a result the unique sand dune habitat was ripped up shortly after.

He then attempted to coerce the government to issue compulsory purchase orders against his neighbours because he objected to their properties 'spoiling the view', describing some of the farms as being like slums and the farmers of being pigs. When this failed his construction workers cut off water and power supplies to residents and failed to reconnect them when required to do so. They even ripped down established boundary fences and entered private property nearby, allegedly vandalising possessions in including a boat used for traditional salmon fishing. He then accused the nearby coast guard station building as being partly on his land and attempted to have it torn down, describing the historic building of being ugly, and stating that he just doesn't want to see it. He eventually ordered a sand and mud burn to be built to the height of the two story building, right along the edge of that property on two sides, within a few dozen yards, to box it in, and prevent it's view of the landscape, in direct breach of the plans.

Residents and journalists on private and public property around the site were harassed by security personal and police, to try to prevent the illegal activities from being documented. Still, despite this appalling string of reprehensible activities, he has built his first Golf Course, and opened it for the exclusive use of the worlds wealthiest and morally barren people.

He has since breached his original deal with the Edinburgh government, which saw this monstrosity imposed on the local people of Aberdeenshire, which was to create a hotel and jobs for 6000 locals, citing concerns over an off shore wind farm plan in the North Sea.

Watch the trailer below, and see the web site for how to see the film, which was screened on BBC2 and BBC HD yesterday, and is available on DVD and in selected cinemas in the US, Canada, and UK over the new few months. It's won many awards, and is highly rated by reviewers, being described as reminiscent of Michael Moore's early works.