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DressCodeGuide has had a facelift

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

DressCodeGuide.com has had a redesign, improving it's visual appearence, and introducing social sharing.

DressCodeGuide.com which brings provides simple no-nonsence guides to all the common dresscodes and dozens of less common dresscodes, has had a redesign.

The simple by effective design that has been solving basic dress code conumdrums since the naughties has been updated. The site has kept the same simple easy to use look and feel, but is now just so much more polished.

There's been a lot of changes behind the scenes too, and the site now runs much faster making it one of the fastest 30% of sites on the Internet. And not before time, in it's five years, it's gone from being an obscure fresh face to one of the Internet's top 3% most popular sites.

Our URLs have also seen a great simplification, and you can now simply enter the dress code directly in the address bar. Black tie for him for an evening event is now simply:


It doesn't matter what order you put the different requirements in, and it even understands what you say, if you use alternatives like:


We've also added social sharing buttons so you can simply like a page to add it to your Facebook event page, or tweet it out loud to your party guests. Check it out and let us know if you like the changes.

And finally we've developed an optimised mobile site, which makes it easy to lookup dress codes while out and about.