General Privacy

This site doesn't collect any personal identification information from you at all, unless you choose to post material on this site. Details of why we require some information to be recorded for posters is detailed in the right panel on this page.

We may record IP address and other non-personal information to help us manage aspects of the site. No such information will be disclosed to any third party or used to identity you, accept where we are legally obliged to provide this information to such authorities which have jurisdiction in the UK.

This site does host Facebook and Twitter widgets, which may allow those companies to identify and track which pages on this web site that you visit. Obviously any explicit actions such as liking a page will notify those sites and your friends or followers of your visit to the page and your decision to like or tweet about it.

Liking a page may give us access to some limited publicly available information about you from Facebook. We don't intend to use this information in anyway, but may use it in the future to learn more about our users so that we can make the site even better for them. We don't store any such information and you will retain the ability to deauthorise access from Facebook.

We carry advertising by Google. Google may track your visits to pages on this site and other sites carrying google advertising, and use that to target advertisments to you it feels you may like. Google may also use information provided by it's tooolbar and other methods. Google allows you to specify some preferences regarding Google Advertising, and generally there is an 'AdOptions' link on most google adverts to allow you to specify this and review their privacy policy.

We use cookies to manage your login status for your conveniance, and may in the future use them to maintain other state information to enhance your experience on the site. We don't use any cookies for the purposes of tracking you or passing information to third parties.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google and advertising partners may use cookies and other methods to store information about you, and to track your use of this site or others (independently of us). We may use cookies for the functioning of this site or recognising you when you return.

We will never send you spam emails, or pass any information onto third parties except where required to do so under UK law.

We may track use of this site in order to make the site better, or identify unique impressions on individual pages, sections, and posts. This information will not associated with any personal information. We may store IP addresses to help do this. Such information will only be disclosed as legally required.

Poster Privacy

Accurate and correct identity and contact information should be provided by each poster before submitting any content and must be kept up to date. We need this information for basic good practice for anything published. If required to under UK law we will divulge it to relevant authorities or in response to court orders. We will not volunteer it, other than by connecting the any posts published to your public profile and Twitter identity.

In order to use the site you must grant the Twitter app read only access. We only use this access as a simple system of user identification so only you can edit posts and publish them in your name. We don't access your Twitter information for any other purpose than that.

We request you provide your email address before posting. We need this to contact you in connection with a post, or the web site in general. We will not pass it on (other than as required by the law of the UK), and will not send you spam.

Obviously, once you publish a post that work will be available to be viewed by the public, and will be identifiable as your work.

We provide a public profile page for each contributor listing their posts, and the attribution and bio that they choose to provide.