BlackBerry Want a Piece of the Embarrassing Music Video Space.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Yet another toe curling and awkward music video to entice developers to a technology platform. This time, RIM's Blackberry.

At the BlackBerry Jam on September 25th, in America, RIM unveiled the upcoming Blackberry 10 release of their operating system, with yet another lyrically contorted music number.

What's going on with tech companies? I'm just glad the iPhone 5 launch wasn't accompanied by a rendition of "I am the Walrus".

The video features members of RIM's developer relations team singing about about challenging times, whole new computing platforms, and soon to be released APIs. They even manage to working the challenging 'full touch and QWERTY editions'. Most telling though is the repeated assurance that they will get around to releasing it all soon, honest! I suspect they protest too much...